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    Hi, i have no questions!! YET!! :)
    I have a new harmony elite with hub and heard it can be tied to lights etc via insteon hub, so........ i have bought 3 switches and insteon hub is set to arrive tomorrow, so at that point i am sure i will be back with questions like.. how do i get the two hubs to communicate, etc, but we shall see, everyone i talked to said setting up the harmony was going to be hard and it seemed pretty straight forward to me... wish me luck!!


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    Activate (install) the Insteon Hub. Add the Harmony Hub to the Insteon Hub. That's it!
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      Control Insteon Devices from your Logitech Harmony Hub
        With Insteon Hub (2245-222) and Harmony Ultimate Home, Harmony Home Control or Harmony Home Hub, you can integrate your Insteon-controlled lights and appliances with your home entertainment system.  Add Insteon Hub to the Harmony App Step 1 Launch the Harmony app on your smartphone