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    Hi. I have a couple single gang switches with two switches each in a couple rooms. Which dimmer switches would be best to replace these as I am not finding any with two buttons. Thanks :)

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    Do you mean duplex switches (they look like a duplex receptacle with two switches instead of outlets)? If so, then you'll need at least a Keypad and Micro Module to replace [I]each[/I] duplex switch and keep the functionality of controlling two devices from each wall switch location.
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      Thanks for the reply. Just for clarification, a 6 button keypad will only work with the one load directly connected to it and the other 5 loads will each need to have a micro module connected to them before the switch can be used with them?


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        In 6 button mode, the big on/off button pair controls one scene (and an attached load, if you connect anything to the red load wire), and the other four buttons can control as many as four other scenes.