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  • Red status light

    Hi. I have two 2477d switches in two different rooms. They work flawlessly with the Amazon Echo and with the Insteon App. When I use the actual switch it works but the light flickers after it turns on and then the led blinks red. The led blinks red after the lights are turned off using the actual switch also. Any idea why this is happening? I am using the Ledare led light bulbs from IKEA.

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    That the switches LED blinks red indicates that the device was linked to another device at some time (e.g., scene), but never unlinked.
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      Thanks for the reply. They are brand new devices out of the box. Don't currently have any scenes and never configured any on the hub. Can you think of any other reason for the red light and flicker?


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        We have occasionally seen brand new Insteon Modules shipped from the factory with QC test links in them.
        Many of us do a Factory Reset on all new modules on the off chance they have any test links in them from the factory.


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          Thanks for the info. Will try the reset.


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            HI. The reset worked. Many Thanks! :)