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X-10 to Insteon Upgrade?

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  • X-10 to Insteon Upgrade?

    Greetings all - just joining here as we are considering Insteon. We purchased a home two years ago which was heavily controlled by x10 but we are frustrated with devices not working all the time. Most every room in the house is x10 controlled, some of the controllers are Insteon/x10 capable. The pool toi,ps are x10 with a timer installed to run the filters. We want the system to work though and I'm curious how stable Insteon is in comparison. Often times our x10 won't respond, I found with the external black box I can usually get them to react again but it gets frustrating. I like the idea of app controllable beyond just having the switches work, sounds like it will be costly to replace many of the switches but we just want to have it work right. Thinking about purchasing the hub kit pro and see how many existing controllers are recognizable and then expand from there, ebaying all the x10 gear along the way. Do you think I would experience the same noise issues with Insteon as we do with x10? We have some filters, boosters etc but time and time again the system doesn't remain consistent.

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    Don't get me wrong, x-10 did wonders in the 1970s and 80s, but the protocol hasn't aged well. In the years since, we've introduced so many sources of electronic interference to modern homes that the simple x10 signals don't stand much of a chance.

    Insteon was designed with that interference in mind. Every power line Insteon device is operates as a mesh signal repeater, dual-band units can reroute signals around interference using both power line and radio signals, signals are two-way (devices acknowledge that they heard a message, or a controller will retry multiple times), and since every Insteon device is scene-capable, large numbers of devices in a scene can respond simultaneously to a command.

    If your home currently has x10 throughout, you might want to start with an ISY instead of a Hub. The ISY line of controllers can control both x10 and Insteon devices, making it easier to gradually upgrade vs. tearing everything out at once. If you subscribe to the ISY's portal service, you can even use the Amazaon Echo and apps like Roger or Lexi to adjust your home controls via voice.


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      One thing to watch out for.
      X10 Boosters and Repeaters. Can false trigger on the end of an Insteon Power Line Message and send an X10 command it thinks it received. Interfering with the Insteon Power Line commands.
      So they may have to be removed. Unless it is a JV Digital Engineering XTB series booster or repeater. They respect Insteon Power Line commands.


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        Ok so after some time (looks like a year now :) ) I have puchased Insteon. Ordered a very expensive package, started replacing various switches etc.
        How can one insteon switch work and the next not? I'm having issues with a few items, take for example I have two switches in a JB next to the pool which control the exterior lights and the pool light. Through the APP I can see both status fine, I can turn the pool light on and off no problem but when I try to do the exterior it spins the icon for a couple of seconds then goes back to showing off. These switches are fed from a load center 18 inches away, separate breakers but same line voltage. For one to work and the other... I have a phase coupler installed at another point in the system.
        Okay from the same panel, I have two of the 30A load centers (normally open) for the pool pumps (sweeper & main). The main pump I can start and operate, status shows fine. The sweeper I can start locally but it does the same thing from the App, but the status will update and show me if I have it running. Why does one work and the other wont attempt to start?


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          Does the device show yellow status on the App?

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        I started another topic for requesting assistance.