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Insteon 75790 camera with Synology Surveillance station 7.0

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  • Insteon 75790 camera with Synology Surveillance station 7.0

    I'm attempting to use the camera with both the Insteon for Hub (Windows 8.1) app, and my Synology Surveillance Station. Insteon isn't listed as one of the predefined manufacturers in Surveillance Station, so I have to use 'User Defined.' I've had no luck coming up with the source path for the video stream (see attached image). Has anyone had luck getting this to work, or have some insight they can share? Thanks much!
    Add camera wizard - no idea what I should use for 'Source Path'

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    I'm not familiar with the surveilance station. If it works with ip cameras, try using the Foscam FI8918W as the type for the standard def Insteon camera.


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      This worked perfectly on my Synology DS214Play ([URL][/URL]). It is a multi-function NAS that among other things runs their software "Surveillance Station". They don't directly support Insteon in their list of cameras ([URL][/URL]), which surprised me because they have 80 or so other vendors and 3000 cameras supported. The Foscam FI8918W is supported and seems to work well. I made an account just to say thanks for the useful information.


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        Insteon seems to use rebranded Foscam cameras. I just use the closest foscam model in diskstation and it works perfectly.