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Help updating 8+ year old system

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    Help updating 8+ year old system


    I currently use insteon for my home theater. I installed everything about 9 years ago (the hub is a few years newer).

    My system is:
    3x 6 button dimmer
    2x 8 button dimmer
    5x single controlled outlets.

    The button controllers are connected directly to my lights.
    1. 2 recessed cans, front row (60w par 30)
    2. 2 recessed cans, middle row
    3. 2 recessed cans, back row
    4. 6 sconces round the room (candelabras)
    5. single overhead bar light fixture (4x 50w halogen bultbs)

    The outlets control:
    1. led strip in ceiling tray light
    2. led strip stair illumination
    3. led strip lights in bar cabinets
    4. led strip lights in more bar cabinets
    5. curtain motor

    My current concerns with the system:
    1. my hub is old and currently not subscribed
    2. my devices no longer appear to remember the scenes which were programmed (I often have to run around the room and set each light separately.)
    3. I have two light fixtures which pulse when put full power. They operate at lower setting.
    4. One of my outlets for the led lights started buzzing and turning on and off. (I removed it already, its place is currently empty.)

    My current assumptions if I stay with insteon to get back to fully functional:.
    1. New hub needed to use new software/app.
    2. replace the two dimmer switches with pulsing lights.
    3. replace the outlet I removed.

    1. If I update the hub, get a subscription and replace the 3 known problem units, should I expect the other units to work well with the new hub and app and devices?
    2. All my faceplates are black. Can I get new devices in black? If not, will my old faceplates work on the new units?
    3. I had programmed my 6 button dimmers to control a common scene using the on/off buttons. (Single press to turn all 5 light groups to a preset or press and hold to dim up to that or dim down.) I am considering replacing the 6 button dimmers with a single dimmer to make it easier for guests to use. Is there any reason this would not work? Would the new i3 dial work in a similar way? Does it come in black?
    4. When I set up a new hub I want to use an email that is designated for it alone so that in the event of selling the house I can just hand over the email and system will continue to operate and won't be tied to my personal information. Will this cause any issues with the app? Is there a better way to do this?
    5. What did I forget?

    Thank you for your time, I know this is a lot. (I've been stewing ever since the system went down, but I need to get this back up and running.)


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