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Best resource to learn about Insteon?

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    Best resource to learn about Insteon?


    I bought a house that has an extensive Insteon system already installed, by the original owners, a few owners ago, and there are no documents or anything about how they set it up and how it all works. Unfortunately there are a half-dozen problems throughout the system including dimmer switches not working, kepyads not working, and the phone control via the hub not working.

    I am looking for a "dummy's guide" or something that basically explains how everything in Insteon works, that will help me reverse engineer the setup in the house and figure out how to troubleshoot and fix the various problems. I want to learn about how the whole system fits together (what each component does and how they communicate), and also, for each component, how it works and how to troubleshoot or replace it.

    Can anyone recommend a good resource for this?


    Unfortunately there is no dummy's guide. These systems are so customizable that it really takes a knowledgeable person to fix. Your approach depends on what issues you are having as well as the controller you are using. The troubleshooting for your devices can change depending on model# as capabilities and features from each generation can change your approach.

    The Insteon white papers can help you with insteon in itself. However, your hub changes the equation and throws all of that out of the window. Especially when it comes from a system that has passed hands multiple times.

    With all that said, this forum as well as others like it would be the best resource. At least you will have experienced and knowledgeable users to discuss issues with. Depending on what controller you are using, the forum that covers that controller (such as ISY or homeseer) would be beneficial as well


      You may want to look at this Insteon web page. It has some links to find the modules users manuals and other helpful information. [url][/url]
      I can't find the link to the White Papers right now.


        This has a good visual of how Insteon works:

        [URL=""]Insteon Visualized[/URL]