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8 Button Keypad Wired Without an Existing Light Switch

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  • 8 Button Keypad Wired Without an Existing Light Switch

    I purchased the 8 button keypad (2334-223) and I would like to install it without replacing an existing light switch. I want to install a new junction box higher up above the light switches (closer to eye level) and simply run the hot, neutral, and ground from the existing light switch box to the new box. Can I ignore the red load wire on the keypad and cap it so the keypad will operate as an in wall controller?

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    Yes you can cap off the load wire.


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      Yes you can. As long as you do not want the Keypads output controlling a connected load.
      Just cap off the Red as you thought and link the keypad switches to the Insteon modules you want to control.


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        Thank you so much. After 20 plus years of working with old X-10 system, I finally decided to enter the 21st century and have started converting to Insteon through out the house. Something tells me I will be a frequent visitor to this site...


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          One thing to look at.
          X10 wall switch dimmers. Stole power through the load and no Neutral power connection was needed. Insteon switches need a Neutral power connection. You hopefully will find a Neutral power connection bundle in the back of the electrical box for power needs. There is one two wire Insteon dimmer wall switch. That needs no Neutral but is limited to incandescent loads only. As it steals power through the load.

          The other options. Is rewire the switch loop to provide Line and Neutral. Cap off the Load wire and then put a micro module inside the light fixture linked to the switch.