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Problem with Plug-in Lamp Dimmer Module (2457 D2)

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  • Problem with Plug-in Lamp Dimmer Module (2457 D2)

    I am running 2 circuits of under cabinet lamps. The bulb in each is a G8 2.5W Disc LED.

    1 circuit has 5 lamps (hence 5 bulbs), and is controlled with an Insteon Remote Inline (2475 DA1), the other circuit has 2 lamps and is controlled with a Plug-in Lamp Dimmer Module (2457 D2). Each circuit is programmed to go on/off with a single button on an Insteon 8 button keypad. There are 3 of these keypads, and each controls the same 8 circuits.

    When I press the Keypad button to turn on the 2 undercabinet circuits, they both come on - all 7 lamps.

    When I press the button again to turn the circuits off, the 2 bulbs associated with Plug-In Lamp Dimmer, don't go totally off. They remain on at a very low level. The 5 bulbs controlled with the Remote Inline go off

    I have tried changing the electric outlet that the Plug-In Lamp Dimmer is plugged into, but this has not alleviated the issue. I have also tried another Plug-In Lamp Dimmer - same issue.

    I appreciate any thoughts.

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    Sounds like the bulbs on the 2457D2 might be low wattage enough that they are picking up on the electricity bleed and will not shut completely off. Are you able to put a higher wattage bulb or an incandescent bulb to see if that fixes the issue? I think the specs call out a 5W min for the load.


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      The 2457D2 module has a Load Sensing load sensing feature. So there is a small sensing voltage on the output when Off. This small voltage can cause some LED bulbs to glow when the module is Off. I believe there is an option to set the Sensing Off but I think the voltage is still there just ignored.
      You may want to try a small incandescent load like a night light on the output along whit the two LED bulbs. Maybe a plug tap would give you the needed connections.

      Since all manufacturers have their own electronics. You could try a different brand of Dimmable LED bulbs.

      The bulbs you are using are rated to be run by a dimmer? Non-dimmable LEDs on a dimmer can sometime do unexpected things.


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        Thanks much for these comments. Trying to understand why the Remote inline isn't doing this. From what SeanM says, It may be that with 5 bulbs on [I]that[/I] circuit, the sum voltage is sufficient to turn everything off vs. the 2 bulbs on the circuit with the Lamp Plug In. It may also be a difference between the 2 Insteon devices. I could try an "in-line" for the circuit and see what happens.

        I'll also look into whether the 2457D2 has the option to set the Sensing Off, following BLH's comment.


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          I don't think the 2475DA1 has Local Control sensing. So the small sensing voltage will not be on the bulbs and make them glow.

          The glow is not only on the 2457D2 Lamplinc and some LED bulbs. It was also on the older 2456D LampLinc and 2456S ApplianceLinc modules. Along with almost all the X10 modules with Local Control Sensing.

          The Local Control Sensing Off is listed in the Full Users Manual. On a Flow Chart of Set Button pushes and LED flash patterns. I feel the sensing voltage will still be there just ignored. As it was in the earlier ApplincLinc and LampLinc.

          More bulbs on the module may also stop it. If the added bulbs draw enough current when off. To load down the sensing voltage.


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            The 2457D2 has the option to set the Sensing Off, and I followed the directions for doing so. The issue was not resolved - the 2 bulbs remain on at a very low level. Tech support said theproblem is because the Lamplinc doesn't work with LED bulbs.

            I guess next step is to convert the circuit so that I can use the Remote Inline (2475 DA1), since that is working with the other circuit (that has 5 lamps) - unless you all think that is working because of the 5 lamp load on the circuit?


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              You can try unscrewing 4 of the bulbs on the 2475DA1 and look for behavior. If its performs the same as the lamplincs then you know its a insufficient load.


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                Thanks SeanM - tried that and did not replicate, so it is the Lamplinc, and changing the circuit over to an inline should work.