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    Hi all,
    I am renovating my apartment and planning to put Insteon light switches everywhere. I have a few questions that I’m hoping to get some help with. Thanks

    1-We won’t want any real automation; we just want smart lighting (with scenes, etc.). We will have a bunch of dimmers, keypad dimmers, and remotes throughout the apartment. Given the limited functionality we’re looking for, is there any reason we NEED to get an ISY instead of the Insteon hub

    2-I understand Alexa/app won’t work during an internet outage with the Insteon hub, which is fine. But all the remotes and scenes will still work, right?

    3-I am trying to understand how to best use the 6-button keypad dimmer. Let’s say I hard wire that into my dining room chandelier. Since the top button is largest, it seems logical that this should be our scene to turn on ALL the lights in the room, not just the chandelier—the question is, can I program that top button (load controlling) to also activate a different set of Insteon lights in when I turn on the chandelier (put another way—can this button control a scene)? Then I would want to program one of the smaller buttons to be “chandelier only.” Is that configuration possible?

    4-Is there any Insteon switch that can control two separate hard wired circuits independently? Would be nice to not have to look at 2 switches next to each other, and just wrap everything into a single 6 or 8 button keypad.

    5-Our apartment has two separate circuit breakers. Do we need to use a bridge or is this really just a wait and see type of question (to see if the radio works)? There won't be more than 15 feet between a unit on one breaker from a unit on the other breaker.

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    1. Everyone is a little different. I would recommend listing out what you are wanting to do. if the work "IF' ever comes into play you will need an ISY.
    2. Correct
    3. The main buttons on the 6-button keypad control the load. This will not change. You can link other Insteon devices to the load button if you want a scene or assign them to the radio buttons.
    4. No.
    5. Most devices have RF now so it shouldn't matter after you get everything installed.

    I would also verify that your apartment has neutral wires for the switches and keypads.