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RF Signal distance concerns

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  • RF Signal distance concerns

    Hello All, I am new to insteon, but before I spend a bunch of money, I wanted to ask a question to those more knowledgeable than myself. I filled out the "Contact Us" page on Insteon's web site, but they, like nearly every other company that has a 'contact us' page, do not answer them.

    I have a house with a separate workshop. The two buildings have separate electrical feeds. They are about 100' apart. Is the insteon rf signal strong enough to cover this distance? I have seen others post problems with just 30 or 40 feet... but, at the same time, my little remote for my house garage door works just fine at this distance from the shop, as does the remote key lock for my car.
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    Open air testing of of the RF signal is proven to ~200ft.


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      It depends on what is between the two locations.
      Obstructions like walls and their construction can shorten the distance.
      Dual Band SwitchLinc modules. Have their antenna on the rear side. Mounting in a metal electrical box would effect the distance.
      I don't think anyone can give you an exact distance. As each installation is unique.