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Lights flash on keypad scene selection

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  • Lights flash on keypad scene selection

    i have 2 keypad devices that are programmed via the hub to select one of 3 scenes via the lettered buttons. For example, button A on each device is programmed to turn on ceiling lights in 3 rooms at a desired dimmer level. Two of the rooms have the keypad devices as their ceiling light switch via the Main button.. When I press button A on either device, the lights turn on in all 3 rooms as expected, but the lights in one of the rooms flash twice, followed by a pause and another flash, repeating up to 5 times. The lights in the other room with the keypad do not flash. All 3 rooms have exactly the same number and type of lights.

    I have verified that the scene has both button As as controllers, with all other devices as responders. Given the complexity of this configuration, I am sure there are other variables I should mention, but I'll stop here.

    Any ideas or additional data you need? Thanks.

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    Which lights flash? The bulbs themselves, kpl bacbacklight, or at the set button?


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      Change all the lights in your house or make you youngest son figure this all out ;)


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        The flashing lights are my recessed ceiling lights, which may not be, by the way, in Insteon's approved list of leading edge LEDs.


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          For others who might view this... Insteon says the problem is my incompatible led lights. OK. But I noticed something that might be helpful to others who experience this problem. If the keypad is installed without a load directly connected to it (e.g. it's the non-load half of scene-based 3-way switch or is simply installed so that all buttons, including the Main ones, activate scenes without a direct load), nothing flashes. In other words, you can still use the keypad.