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Delayed/unresponsive keypadlinc buttons

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  • Delayed/unresponsive keypadlinc buttons

    Hello, new to insteon by virtue of buying a home that has 90%+ of its lights controlled via InlineLinc, Keypads and Switches. I have no experience with Insteon previously but so far I am liking the flexibility it provides. Here's my current issue. I am experiencing delays or intermittent non functioning buttons on an KeypadLinc (6 button). The room config is as follows.

    - There are 3 light fixtures in the room, each controlled by a separate InlineLinc
    - There is a KeypadLinc that commands each controller, eg button A sets the InlineLinc to 'On', which then switches one light on. Same with B and C, just different lights and InLineLinc controllers.
    - The 'ON' button on the KeypadLinc controls an outlet in the room, which is actually on a separate circuit in the house from the circuit the light fixtures are on.

    I had to disable one of the light fixtures (due to an issue that seems to be with the fixture itself). In doing this, I removed the InlineLinc controller of the lightswitch without actually unlinking it with the KeypadLinc as I didn't realize you had to do that.

    Now the other two lights seem to be less responsive via the KeypadLinc buttons. One of them seems to turn on just fine when using the keypad, but sometimes turning it off via the keypad doesn't work. The other one, seems to not respond at all sometimes, and sometimes works just fine. No consistent pattern.

    Any ideas on what could be causing the issue, and how to resolve? I tried to provide as much data as possible here so apologies if I overexplained.


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    Are you using the manual Set Button linking or a controller like the HUB or ISY994i?

    If the removed InlineLinc was not taken out of the keypads link database. It will retry a few times to control the missing module. That will slow things down and maybe cause other symptoms that you are seeing.


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      I’m using the manual set button. I have purchased a hub, but all the settings and scenes have been done manually by the prior owner so I am wary of using the hub for the scenes now and overriding something that was already done. I’ll try unlinking the removed inLineLinc from the keypad. Wondering, does the keypad try to communicate with the InLineLinc even if not pressing the respective keypad button?


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        If you mean when going through unlinking process do the devices try to talk to each other then yes they do. Other than performing a factory reset it would be the only way to remove a device link from memory.

        Alternately, every hard wired Insteon device is also a repeater. If after removing a device you start to notice signal degradation it is a good possibility that whatever you removed was needed for good communication.. so you might need to add a range extender.