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Serial Modem 2413s via Docklight

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  • Serial Modem 2413s via Docklight

    Using Docklight to access the Insteon network to test receiving and sending data packets and then hope to use VB to write some software programs.
    So far I have been able to read most of the devices I have except all commands from the Hub, Also I can't turn anything on using Docklight.
    Does anyone have a link to some sample commands with Docklight?

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    Is the PLMs six digit ID in the modules link database?

    Do you have the PLM Developers Guide? It has some good data in it. Though it doesn't have the latest I2CS protocol covered. I2CS basically added a check sum to Insteon.

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      Thanks much, will read thru it.


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        Do you have the free to try evaluation version with its limitations or the registered version with all the features enabled of Docklight?
        I found if you are real cautious and have a safely stored .ptp file. You can open it with a plain word processor and modify it.
        I was able to modify a file for the Developers Group hardware kits. All the modules in a developers group kit had a specific six digit ID so the file worked with all the kit. Down side was you could not use lets say the 2456D dimmer from two kits in the same setup. Both had the same Insteon ID.


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          Docklight is a full purchased version.
          After reading thru the link you sent me I still need help getting the lamp linc to turn on.
          When I press the link button from the serial modem (with ID 4C 1B DC) Docklight shows the return data from the outlet (with ID of 11 11 11) as 02 53 01 01 11 11 11 01 0E 41?


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            11 11 11 Is it from a Developers Hardware Kit?
            I will see what I can find out.


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              Yes it is from a developers kit.


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                I was testing a few things with Docklight Evaluation program and with BusyRats PLM Test program. With a new I2CS On/Off module with manual link button access.
                I may try an old I1 2456D3 Lamplinc and 2412S PLM. To see if I get different replies.

                Is the PLM a 2412S also from the Developers Kit, with an ID of AA AA AA? I am not sure if that would make a difference.

                I am not an active developer. They closed the original Developers Forums and download web site. I don't know if they have one now for developers. Originally it was also for us folks who wanted more hardware information. I got my early Developers Kit membership when the 2414S or 2414U PLC with the SALadIDE compiler. To make programs the PLC could be downloaded to and run without a computer program controlling it.

                Hope an active developer may chime in with added information.
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                  After you tried the manual linking method.
                  Did you see if the modules six digit ID was in the PLM's Link Database?
                  An 02 69 command should show the first Link Database entry and a 02 6A should show the next entry. Each 02 6A command should increment the link read out. A 02 15 NAK response shows you reached the last entry.

                  I believe the developers kit modules came prelinked. So your 11.11.11 module may have the AA.AA.AA PLM link in it from the factory. As there was a cmdtest.ptp file to go with the hardware. So the Docklight Evaluation program could be used without buying the license. To do things with the kits modules.

                  I don't know it they where just prelinked or special with hard coded links in them.

                  Looking at the model number of the developers kit module with the 11.11.11 Insteon ID. You should be able to find the full manual for it if you don't have it. That may give you more information on it.
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