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Supply Problems with Insteon components?

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  • Supply Problems with Insteon components?

    I bought a system from my local distributor (Australia) a couple of years ago. In July last year I ordered an extra Plug-In Relay (IN2633-522) and Micro Relay (IN2443-522) and after waiting months, they finally told me that due to some manufacturing problems, Insteon have been unable to supply. It has now been over 9 months and I got the plug-in relay yesterday but the micro relay is still on back order. I can't believe this is possible - these are basic system components, nobody would be buying hubs without them. OK so the plug-in unit is custom made for Australia with our plug config, but the micro relay is a wire-in job and would be the same in all territories (albeit with different voltage ratings). I emailed Insteon head office months ago and they never replied. Has anyone else experienced delays like this?

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    Other difference is the Insteon RF frequency and local electrical certifications.
    Other parts of the world have a different assigned frequency. Determined by the local authorities.
    US is 915 MHz. AUS/NZ 921MHz

    I am not sure that Smatlabs {Smarthomes parent company} being sold to Richmond Capital Partners last year may have changed strategies for over seas sales and getting a response from them.
    I understand Customer Service is now farmed out to a third party.
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      Kind of reminds me of what Logitech did a few years ago.I had and still do, the Logitech alert security systems cameras , indoors and outdoors.The system would handle 6 cameras.
      They worked great, cameras were from $125 to $225, About 1 year before they shut that system down they updated the software to accept 12 cameras. Everyone with the system bought more cameras.It looked like they updated the software so consumers would buy remaing stock before dropping the line.
      No mention on the Logitech support web forum at all about discontinuing down the road.All they said was they were going to improve the system and updated cameras would be out soon.That went on for over a year and suddenly they were gone, the forum was closed. They crapped on a lot of people.
      This sure smells a lot alike when it come to Logitech, with Menards dropping them and other listed retailers that they show selling the product.
      You would think on the web site, and not having to do a internet search on your own, that they would at least mention that the product has not been dropped and is under redevelopment or such with new products being released or something to the effect.