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Controlling X10 devices with Insteon 2242-222 Hub

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  • Controlling X10 devices with Insteon 2242-222 Hub

    [COLOR=#666666]I have an X10 system which is controlled by a Controller/Transponder (model TR16A). I have acquired an Insteon 2242-222 Hub. It is my understanding that it is possible to control my X10 devices with this Hub. Please explain the process.[/COLOR]
    I am aware that there is a web page which deals with "X10 Programming for Insteon Devices" but I am looking for the reverse "Insteon Programming for X10 Devices.

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    You would use the owners manual found on Insteons website. The instructions for controlling X10 can be found there.



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      Thank you. I looked at the manual. It refers to X10 only in the Specifications (without instructions). What I don't know is whether the Insteon hub communicates with the X10 transponder or the X10 device directly.


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        The 2242-222 Hub has the ability to send X10 On/Off commands and limited scheduling for X10

        Just go to "add a device" inside the app and scroll down to the bottom of that page. You will see an add X10 icon. When you select it you will be taken to a screen where it will ask you to pick a House/Unit code, name, icon, etc..... After you set that up an icon will appear in the main app for you to send the On/Off commands.


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          The hub controls your X10 devices directly not the transponder