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IO Linc needs dual band

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  • IO Linc needs dual band

    I think the IO Linc is the only device which is still wireline only. When used in flood prevention this KEY item is also the weak link. Water sensors linked to plug in on/off modules respond instantly every time but the IO Linc is sometimes instant, sometimes not so fast. The device which drives the water shutoff valve should be the fastest and most reliable. I use a plug in module on the same line or even plugged into the IO Linc to kind of make it dual band but it still lags behind the plug in modules activated by the same leak sensor. Thanks.

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    I'm very disappointed with my IO Linc! It stopped making connection to the hub! I suspected that it was the GFCI outlet that it was connected to that was the problem so I replaced the GFCI outlet. But it still not connecting to the hub. I have an outdoor module that I used for outdoor Christmas lights during the Christmas season. So I thought of using the outdoor plug to piggy back the IO Linc. I'll be dammed! It works! The outdoor module has better wireline connection than the IO Linc and the IO Linc makes the connection to the hub through the outdoor module.

    This concludes that the IO Linc is dual band, right???


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      The iolinc is Powerline only. The outdoor module is dual band. By plugging the iolinc into it the outdoor module was able to receive the signal (possibly via RF) which then repeated it to the iolinc. Sounds like you may have noise on that particular circuit.


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        Originally posted by smillerdad View Post
        I think the IO Linc is the only device which is still wireline only.
        Info only: The ToggleLinc is also powerline only
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          The 2411T IRLinc is also power line only.


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            ToggleLinc and a number of legacy devices are powerline only - I use togglelincs and the I/O module in my garage, and just put in a range extender (which is dual band) just to deal with it. In my case, I use the ToggleLincs because they're easier to use with a gloved hand since my garage is unheated. This left me with no RF devices, and while it pretty much worked, I was getting some signal errors to it. So, rather than some big device wasting its capabilities hanging off an outlet in my garage, the range extender is a very fast repeater, essentially instant, and pretty cheap.

            There are also a bunch of RF only devices, as you're aware, so it cuts both ways. The advantage is of course that you can use a mix of the two as situations require. However, especially if I want to use the I/O and Insteon remotes as my primary garage door opener, it would be nice if it was dual band. I understand why it isn't, but it still would be nice.