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Insteon wall switch with motion sensor built in.

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  • Insteon wall switch with motion sensor built in.

    This would be very useful in a bathroom / laundry room / closet / etc where you would not want to mount a regular motion sensor on the wall or ceiling for aesthetic reasons. I rigged something like this myself in my half bath by installing a 3 gang box and using one gang for the Insteon dimmer switch, the second gang for the exhaust fan switch, and the third a Insteon motion sensor II. I wired in a plug in the box so I could add a powered USB micro cable to power the motion sensor. I added a three gang decora plate with a cover in the third space that had a small square hole that was enough for the motion sensor to sense motion through and it works like a charm. This would have all been a lot easier though if Insteon made a switch with a built in motion sensor.

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    Love the work around idea you came up with.

    Great idea for consumer but not worth it from a business standpoint.


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      A motion sensing switch is a great ides and is available from several manufacturers, none of which are Insteon. However, It's not in compliance with the code to have both low voltage (USB cable) wires and line voltage wires in the same electric box without a separator.

      There is a workaround. Install a Micro Module behind any in-wall motion sensor dimmer. A second SwitchLinc dimmer wired in parallel (if you have the room) set at a higher level than that of the dimmer sensor will allow manual control to override the time duration of the sensor.
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        I agree a Motion Sensor Switch with features like the GE z-Wave Smart Motion #26931 and a Motion Sensor Dimmer like the GE z-Wave #26933 would be a useful addition to the product family.