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  • Improved Open/Close Sensor

    The current sensor has no option to permit setting of a heartbeat interval. Consequently they are battery hogs.

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    Not having a heartbeat doesn't cause the battery to wear down. In fact, less transmission means less battery use. That doesn't address the problem you're having. How often is your sensor in use? Are you using high quality batteries?
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      How often are you changing your batteries? While I no longer use them, the ones I use to have was put into my mom's house. With that said, the batteries haven't been replaced in over a year in a medium use environment


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        Both of my devices are in low use areas. One was on a shed that was not opened once for several months. The battery died at 4 months. The other is on a door with low use compared to other doors with hidden door sensors. I start getting low battery messages on it in about 3 months. The batteries are lithium and are used in multiple applications w/o problems. Sounds like something may be amiss in my application. I will add that the heartbeat continuously displays as "On" in the ISY.