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  • Disable Powerline Signaling

    I would like to operate all of my Insteon devices with RF only commands.
    My environment is loaded with line noise and motors that can't be mediated with line noise filters.
    All my Z-Wave devices, I actually only have two, work without a glitch.
    Allowing my 70+ Insteon devices to act like Z-Wave would keep me from switching slowly to Z-Wave.

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    I have seen some latest Insteon Modules have a disable power line signaling software setting option but not too many of them.
    I believe noise on the power line may still stop the RF signaling. If the module is being polite and not wanting to send commands while it thinks other modules are communicating.
    Also the RF antennas on the Insteon Switches are in the back side of the module and can be effected by objects. I can't say about all Z-Wave modules but the Intermatic ones I bought surplus have the RF antenna on the front just behind the front trim.