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    Originally posted by DarkWolf7 View Post
    ricketyca I definitely agree that the main document should be edited though. Insteon in general seems to be pretty hostile to android users (just compare the ios app with the android one...). I'm definitely glad I can now use Assistant to use my Insteon stuff instead of having to use that awful app that doesn't look like it's been updated since 2005 (throwing a random number out there. The point is, the app is ugly and functionality awful).
    Yes, they do seem to publish things that appear to suggest we should all get iOS devices to run the app. I was able to borrow one from friends in order to set up a mini-remote properly after waiting an extended period (over a year I think) in the hope that the Android app would support that device. I don't think that the iOS app is dramatically better UI than the Android one, but it did acknowledge the mini-remote to allow me to set up scenes for each button pair. Ah well - at least they are not like Chamberlain/Liftmaster who want me to pay a monthly subscription to be able to do 66% of what I can do on Wink or the MyQ app! Oops - maybe I shouldn't have written that, I wouldn't want to give Insteon any ideas - thanks for the comments.


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      Hey ricketyca and DarkWolf7 ,

      I hear you on the feature differences between our iOS apps and Android. We are definitely not hostile to either group, and we would love to get both apps to be equal in features. We also understand that the UI and UX of our apps is lacking.

      I don't have a timeframe to give you right now, but this is very much on our radar of things to address! Thanks for your patience.


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        Thanks for the reply Sean (Insteon) . It is not really patience, more a kind of despondent resignation