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I want a power on/off sensor

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    That's the second time you made reference to two I/O Lincs. Only one is required. Yes, the I/O Linc can send a message for each state (i.e., powered, not powered). In any case, if the PLM is not powered, then Insteon signals are not received. I haven't found a Z-Wave equivalent (both NO and NC contacts).

    You'll need one Open/close sensor for each of power cut and power restored. But, that'll work only of the I/O Linc is powered from the utility only, not the generator
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      This is actually really simple to do: Hook an IOLinc to a generator control panel that can run a dry contact closure - I know Generac makes these, I assume pretty much everybody else does too. This is really the best way. It not only senses when it's on, but can also send indicators when the generator needs maintenance or is having trouble.


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        I built this for my generator, but it could be pulled into any USB adapter on a circuit you wanted to monitor.

        I never did post an update of the device attached to my generator, but it's pretty simple. Requires a relay, door/window sensor, USB cable, and USB charger.