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Alexa support for the 2242-522 (international) hub -got it working but security query

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  • Alexa support for the 2242-522 (international) hub -got it working but security query

    This is my first post since I only just got into the Insteon world.

    I just bought the international version of the Insteon hub (240V) as I live outside the US and didn't realise that the version I bought, while the only version available outside the US, does not have Alexa support.

    I was initially disappointed and then discovered a third party provide ( who provided a gateway using the IFTTT Maker Channel to operate the Insteon devices. It did work but it seemed quite flaky.

    I then discovered that the internal URL for activating Insteon devices could be accessed externally just by creating a port forward on my router (I have static IP) so I can make a URL like this (where the x's are of course my external IP address) and it turns a specific device.

    I then figured out using the IFTTT Maker Channel I can have Alexa call a Maker recipe that has that URL. This works and I can say Alexa trigger turn on bedroom and the bedroom lamp goes on

    That provides Alexa support to my older hub. I guess my concern is, I have to put my Insteon hub logon and password in an unecrypted URL. That URL of course would come from the servers and so I presume not easily intercepted. I thought what I might do is try to find the IP address(es) of the service in that sends the URL to my hub and put rules in my router to only allow those IP's but I think they use AWS so the IP ranges are variable.

    I would much prefer to be able to say Alexa turn on bedroom but that requires the 2245 hub which is not certified for use outside the US (mainly the RF frequencies)



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    Hi I'll to to give this a try in the states and see what it does on a standard hub. also maybe cross connecting it to my ISY 994. ti would of course be nicer if they just had an IFTTT channel for IF and then . I know what is stoping them is the ability to make commands that would translate back to the hub that would be dead simple to activate ( as the fixed receipts of IFTTT show to the user, but really have soem big work gettign back through APIs) . plus there is the IFTTT aproval process etc, etc. but hey if you can make it through amazon's process as a partner , IFTTT ( IF) should be a breeze.
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      Hi Charliek

      I have the same Insteon Hub as you (2242-522). Could you give me some guidance on the set up recipe of ITTT.

      I Would appreciate your help