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Dual-Band IOLinc?

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  • Dual-Band IOLinc?

    I'd love to see the dual-band reliability of the newer switch devices incorporated into an update for the IOLinc device. Some of us have insurmountable noisy electric issues that can't be filtered out, or detached garages/buildings that are on separate subpanels, and powerline can't communicate to.

    As most of the current devices seem to be RF or dual-band, it seems that it might be time to refresh/enhance the IOLincs?

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    I fully agree that a dual-band I/O Linc is desirable. But, what in particular are your devices that cannot be filtered out? And how did you identify the noisy device?
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      I agree we need an updated iolinc. Lets get rid of these major headaches. We are dealing with the weakest link of the insteon network. Everyday there are errors from these devices.