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Hub that does not require an outside web service

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  • Hub that does not require an outside web service

    I have the new Insteon hub but will not use it because of its dependence on an outside web service. There is no good reason to rely on an external web service for hub functions. I wish they would release a good hub that either allows you to use a static IP or worst-case DDNS to get back to the hub externally rather than a web service where all the configuration is stored. I don't like sending my home automation data to some external provider (for the same reasons, I refuse to use Nest, etc) - not everything needs to be "cloud" based.

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    An ISY does not need the web at all, can do all that the Hub can and much, much more including creating conditionals (e.g., if this, then do that). As expected, all that capability costs more than the Hub.
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      Far cheaper than an ISY, you may be able to get a Raspberry Pi or an old PC or something and run Mister House on it, which is an open source project that can control INSTEON devices. The ISY does come highly recommended, but compared to the $80 price of an INSTEON PLM or $100 price of a Hub, the ISY is a pretty hefty expense.


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        Went from a Hub to an ISY this last week. The ISY is completely worth it. I slightly miss the GUI on the phone the Hub provided but Agave does a pretty good job.


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          I haven't logged in here for awhile, but I did end up going with the ISY994i and have been extremely happy with it. In addition to the functional programming it provides, its REST interface is very nice. I've written a C# library that can read/write the ISY via the REST interface and subscribes to events - which means now I'm free to do control code in .NET.