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Insteon for Hub App Improvement - Alert History

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  • Insteon for Hub App Improvement - Alert History

    One feature i miss about my old system was a "History" section. It would show me what time sensors were opened. I was fine with this since it would use SMS instead but now with push... all my devices have 80 million (exagerated) notifications that i robo-clear because i don't want to sift through them.

    Now that the apps have all been switched away from SMS to Push Notifications for alerts, maybe add an alert history in the app somewhere (maybe embedded into the 'check-in' section).

    Also would it be possible to limit push notifications to only show the most recent alert, and tapping said notification will take you directly to the 'alert history' section.

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    I agree, and think the solution would be to receive Mobil Email Alerts.

    The Insteon support web page dated April 8, 2015 with instructions on how to set up mobile phone number Email Alerts does not work. The problem is the automated confirmation text is too long and the link information is cut off. Verizon has a 140 character limit.

    The solution would be to put the confirmation link at the beginning of the confirmation message. That way it would come through, the unnecessary text would be cut off but that would not cause a problem. This should be a simple programming change by Insteon.

    Looking forward to being able to use the Email to SMS for alerts. Hope they get there own suggestion working.