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Need 2, 3, 4 switch controller for wall box, better than KPL

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    Need 2, 3, 4 switch controller for wall box, better than KPL

    I have a 110 year old house (don't have multi-gang boxes and wife won't let me put them in) so I need more functions in single-gang boxes to control fans, desk lamps, etc. in addition to the main room light.

    I have some KeyPad Lincs and have found them unsuitable for using on a wall. I much prefer them in the tabletop box. It's really inconvenient to face up to the switch and make sure you press the right buttons when you're going around turning on or off lights. And the buttons are uncomfortable -- tiny clicks behind a hard, flat button with no space in between them for tactile feedback of finger position. And the double-clicks of the wide button over two switches is really uncomfortable.

    I've wired up battery operated controllers to custom button panels, but they're a pain to maintain the batteries. But I get really nice buttons this way. Or I can wire the battery-op controller to a 2-gang or 3-gang Decora switch in a single-gang wall box.

    I've also hooked up micro modules to conventional switches with some success, but it's hard to fit more than one in the single-gang wall box.

    So I'd like to see either of the following:

    1. A 2, 3, or 4-button controller that has nice rugged switch handles or paddles that have significant travel and good tactile feedback, like standard or Decora wall switches, which could be accurately actuated by touch, without looking, around a corner or in the dark. Could have a single dimmer/switch output and the other controller sections would operate remote responders.

    2. A 2, 3, or 4-input micro module (could have one dimmer output or nothing out) that I could wire to my own switches, but still run on A/C power like the conventional micro modules.

    Thank you for your attention.

    I have 2 bathrooms in my house that came with one gang, 2 switch boxes. I would love a regular 2 switch option, like those available on zwave.

    Keypads are an overkill, and making it 2 gang will be surgery.