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Still waiting for Wired switches

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    Still waiting for Wired switches

    This is ridiculous.

    Not a single US 'smart' lighting company produces wired light switches for the non-US market, i.e. the entire rest of the world. This of course includes Insteon.

    It is not as if Insteon (and all the others) do not produce any products for e.g. Europe. Insteon do make the Hub, plugin dimmers and various other products for Europe BUT NO WIRED SWITCHES!!!

    I would love to buy the Hub, a number of plugin dimmers, but most importantly wired switches to do my entire house.

    Now I know there is a logical sequence i.e. US first and then expand to the other markets, but we have been waiting years and years now and as I mentioned not a single US manufacturer has stepped up to the plate. (Neatly inserts US cultural reference.)

    We do have electricity, we have light bulbs - both dumb and smart, we even have this new fangled thing called 'The Internet'. What we are sadly lacking is smart, wired wall switches!

    With the complete and utter lack of product the first US manufacturer to wake up and address this will likely clean up as they will have a monopoly.

    Obviously (well, to me anyway), the entire rest of the world uses electrickery of varying voltages and/or frequencies. For example, my home country uses 230v at 50hz; your home country, whatever you perceive it to be, may be different.
    Insteon, a US based company, has no obligation and probably no intention of creating a product for a limited market purely to satisfy the needs of a few at a huge expense to themselves. Design, set-up, production and marketing all costs a great deal of cash outlay for which they may or may not manage to sell you a dozen switches and no more to anyone else, ever, in the entire universe.

    UK Humour Mode = ON

    Here's a thought. Why not move to a civilised country that has the ability to manufacture products for their home market?
    I wanted Insteon so much that I emigrated; maybe you should stop blaming others for your own lack of motivation in getting what you want

    UK Humour Mode = OFF
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      I agree with TFitzpatri8 that the micro modules are a great way to keep the aesthetics of your region while enabling automation.

      That being said, if you need a wired switch, the Insteon switches are rated up to 277V 50/60Hz auto detect. They just will not look like the square switches.


        Hmm, I must confess I had overlooked the Insteon micro modules. Either I had presumed they were US only in terms of voltage or discounted them because they have the same physical space issue as Fibaro Z-Wave dimmer modules. (Fitting multiple modules behind a 2, 3 or 4 gang switch plate is very hard.) See

        However now that it has been brought to my attention I can see they could be as good a solution as Fibaro modules which I was already considering with the bonus that potentially I could link them to HomeKit via an Insteon hub.

        I will give them serious consideration. My only problem now is that a) the existing Insteon Hub (HomeKit) is limited to only HomeKit and b) Insteon told me via email that the HomeKit hub is actually discontinued with the implication possibly being a new one that combines both HomeKit and support for Alexa etc. is being worked on.

        The majority of the world including your own country and the UK uses 220-240v at 50Hz. Therefore it is not a matter of a few eccentric UK people wanting a product it is a huge market of billions potentially. As I pointed out Insteon have gone to the effort of producing some products for the UK/EU and rest of the world, if they had not produced any your argument would have more weight.


          Drat the Insteon Micro Dimmer module appears to be out of stock on Amazon UK - the only official UK reseller and even across the whole of Europe availability appears to be a problem. Allegedly there is stock on Amazon Germany but they will not ship to the UK. One website implied it was discontinued.


            You do have to find a module for your country.
            The Micro Module is Dual Band. So the Insteon RF Frequency it uses has to be on the frequency your country allows.


              We all see just how beelocks shoots down all people on a whim. Its whats wrong with us today.


                Argh! This is hard work, one might think Insteon do not want to sell their products.

                Amazon UK - the only official UK reseller does not have stock of the micro dimmer module, nor stock of the Insteon Hub. The Insteon Hub Pro is discontinued and I am not convinced there was ever a European version of it anyway. Based on comments by Insteon regarding the discontinuation of the Hub Pro there is the implication that either a new Hub will be launched or more likely in my opinion a software upgrade to the existing Hub to add HomeKit support. (Apple now allow software implementations of HomeKit support.)

                Amazon are illegally refusing to ship to the UK from their France and Germany websites - this is in breach of the European Freedom of Movement of Goods. The item has the same Amazon and manufacturer products codes on each Amazon site so is clearly the same product. It is blindingly obvious it is the same product since the electrical and wireless standards are the same throughout Europe and Insteon only make one version of the micro dimmer module for the whole of Europe. (Amazon Germany will not ship to the UK, France, Belgium or the Netherlands, Amazon France will similarly not ship to addresses outside France.)

                So, even though I am now wanting to buy Insteon's products I am finding it virtually impossible to do so!

                Unfortunately whilst in theory one could use a US wall switch which as you point out has a voltage range big enough to cope with the rest of the worlds 220V it uses the US 60Hz frequency and so would not match our version of the Insteon Hub which uses 50Hz. It also is not certified to European safety standards which whilst unlikely to mean it is unsafe would make it harder to persuade a qualified electrician to install. (It is now a UK legal requirement for electrical work to be done by a qualified electrician.) Insteon and/or other US companies really need to wake up and realise that the US != World and that the rest of the world do want wired switches. The micro dimmer module is certified to EU standards.


                  The present wall switches are 100-277 VAC but also select between 50 or 60 cycles. So the line frequency would be OK.
                  Dual Band RF part in the USA is 915MHz so you are correct in Europe the RF frequency is not OK. Along with the proper certifications as you pointed out.