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Lost live remote mobile view on phone app

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  • Lost live remote mobile view on phone app

    one of my HD outdoor cameras suddenly stopped being viewable on my mobile phone.
    The camera is model 2864-232
    Still can see live feed on my PC with IE.
    All port forward and router settings match camera.
    I rebooted router, restarted phone, pulled power from camera and restarted but no good.
    Anybody have a suggestion on what next move should be?

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    I too have lost remote viewing of my Camera Mine is SD model but as mentioned above all was fine till 3 days ago and now there is nothing, I am 99% positive all of my port forwarding is correct, (and in fact I had not changed anything it just stopped working) I have now reset the cam and redone all my settings still no remote access, local is fine.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


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      HD and SD can use different methods for outside/remote communication.

      If you are using port forwarding go to and check the camera port number to see if its open. If its not its in the port rules. If it is double check the Ip configuration in the app against what you have in the router.

      For the 2864-232, if you are not using port forwarding you could try disabling the P2P function in the app and enabling it. It might cause the camera to look for a new channel.


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        I also have lost remote view of my SD cameras. They were working fine until recently. I had never set up port forwarding, and was able to view them remotely by enabling UPnP on my wifi router. I have not changed any settings, but now they cannot be viewed remotely.


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          Assuming you have Actiontec router. The UPnP devices will still be listed under the port forwarding section. You should be able to go in and see if they actually resolved or not. You may just have to refresh it.

          Otherwise you will need to provide more info.


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            I have a D-Link router. I refreshed the settings on the router and also on the cameras and am now able to see the cameras in the hub app I Windows. Thanks