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Appropriate Use for a Range Extender?

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    Originally posted by TFitzpatri8 View Post
    Dual-band INSTEON modules work as mesh repeaters for both RF and power line devices. Doesn’t matter which band signals are received on, they are repeated on both.
    Awesome, thank you so, so much! :-)


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      Originally posted by Hyacin View Post
      And it extends the range *wirelessly*? I think that is where all the confusion I'm seeing online and even in Amazon reviews is ... there is no powerline communication possible between where it is going to be plugged in, and where the hub is plugged in ... different circuits from the fuse box or something I guess, I don't know - but I know it doesn't work ... so for it to be of any use to me, it needs to repeat wireless signals it receives, wirelessly.

      A lot of people seem to interpret "Range Extender" as "If it has a wired connection back to the hub, it acts as a remote wireless antenna" sort-of deal ... but I have no wired connection ... I need it to act as a "wireless repeater" basically.

      The other option I am considering (aside from ripping it all out, throwing it in the garbage, and telling everyone to go back to using light switches - which is how angry it has had me more than once over the last couple weeks), is replacing a couple of the more problematic motion detectors with v2s, for the additional range/power they bring to the table - and even running wire to connect them to fulltime power, where possible, so they will act as repeaters for some of the others, if I understand their documentation correctly.
      You're over thinking things. Both the PowerLine and rf signals get repeated (the repeater is nothing but a lamplinc with the triacs removed). They do the exact same thing. Whether your wires are connected to the garage or not is irrelevant since the wireless signal is still sent. Due to environmental issues the wireless signal may or may not reach but that's another subject.

      The answer to your question is to put an insteon plug in device in the detached garage halfway. It may help to have 1 in both the garage and at the location you are trying to get to as they both will be exposed which allows for better rf communication.