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Do Keypad Links support linking to themselves?

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    Do Keypad Links support linking to themselves?

    I have fourteen 6 & 8 button Keypad Link dimmers in my house that are used simply to send commands to a Mac mini that then uses DMX to control all the lighting which is LED strips. One problem I've run into is trying to use button 1 as a master on/off for 4 separate lights in my garage which are individually controlled by buttons 2, 4, 5, & 6 on the same keypad. Do the units allow different buttons responding to a controller signal from a button of the same unit?

    The way I read the manual, it doesn't sound like it is possible. But it sure would be nice! Any suggestions on a simple way to do this sort of link? I do have an Insteon Hub, but I haven't been using it since I need to issue DMX commands to several DMX controllers.

    I realize I can undoubtedly do it using Python with Indigo, but while I made a living programming for many years, I have only limited familiarity with Python. :-\

    Based on the information you provided, it sounds like the Keypad Link dimmers are not capable of having different buttons respond to a controller signal from a button of the same unit. The manual may confirm this.

    However, there may be other options for achieving your desired functionality. One possibility is to use a home automation hub or software that is compatible with both the Keypad Link dimmers and your LED lighting system. For example, you mentioned that you have an Insteon Hub, which could potentially be used to control the lighting and create a master on/off function for the garage lights.

    If you're not familiar with Python and don't feel comfortable writing your own scripts, you might consider using pre-existing software solutions that can be configured to work with your setup. There are many home automation software packages available, such as Home Assistant or OpenHAB, which can provide more flexible control and automation of your devices. These programs often have user-friendly interfaces and are designed to work with a variety of smart home products, including dimmer switches and LED lighting systems.PMP Payslip
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      it doesn't seem like the Keypad Link dimmers allow for different buttons to respond to a controller signal from a button on the same unit. As for a simple way to achieve the desired link, one possibility could be to use an Insteon-compatible device to act as a bridge between the Keypad Link dimmers and the LED strips, allowing for more flexible control options. However, this would require some additional setup and configuration. Alternatively, using Python with Indigo may be a more flexible and customizable solution, but it would require more programming knowledge and effort.
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