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Problem Linking Open/Close Sensor 2843-222 to Micro On/Off 2443-222

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    Problem Linking Open/Close Sensor 2843-222 to Micro On/Off 2443-222

    I am trying to link an Open/Close Sensor 2843-222 as a controller to a Micro On/Off 2443-222 as a responder.

    I am using the Micro On/Off without any attached switch, simply to open or close the circuit through the controller.

    I would like the Micro On/Off module to be in OFF mode when the Open/Close Sensor is in the Closed state (when magnet is within ½). I know that the closed state of the sensor is reflected as an ON condition in ISY.

    Although I can apparently (at least to some extent, subject to some questions) link the two devices so that the Micro On/Off module is in ON mode when the Open/Close Sensor is in the Closed state, despite repeated attempts I cannot do it the other way around. Is there something about these two devices that makes it impossible to do it the other way around as I would prefer?

    I am following these instructions from the Manual:

    Make Micro Module a Responder (Set button)
    Note: you must perform these steps before reinstalling the wall switch, outlet or fixture.
    1) Press and hold controller Set button until it beeps
    Controller LED will start blinking
    You will have four minutes to complete the next steps before linking mode times out
    2) Adjust load connected to Micro module to desired brightness level (even off)
    3) Press and hold Micro module Set button until it double-beeps
    Controller will double-beep and its LED will stop blinking
    4) Test link by tapping controller button on and off
    Load connected to Micro module will respond appropriately

    BTW, I realize that I would be able to create a program in the ISY to effect this result, but I do not want to do so because this is intended to serve as a failsafe irrespective of the ISY.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.

    Just to reiterate, when the door sensor is closed, magnets together, you want the micro module to be off (red LED) ? That sounds like normal operation. The reverse of the micro module going ON when the sensor is closed, or micro going OFF when sensor is opened would present issues since Insteon removed that ability from their FW years ago.

    Probably best to factory reset both devices if you have been attempting linking in various states before you move on.
    1. Turn ON the micro module first, so the LED is green.
    2. Next, separate the magnet portion from the main portion of the door sensor.
    3. Then, put the door sensor into linking mode by pressing and holding down its set button for ~3 seconds.
    4. Finally, go to the micro module and press and hold its set button (~3 seconds) until it links to the sensor.
    If those steps do not work please let the group know.

    *note: for the door sensor, if the magnet is in the closed position (magnets together), that should show as "Off" in the ISY. If you see "ON" there might be something going on in the ISY settings, or you might have an older door sensor that still responds to the internal jumper. That jumper would need to be on both pins.


      Remove and replace the battery, then use New Insteon Device, then put in the address of the sensor, put the sensor into linking mode by holding the button down for about 5 seconds, the hit OK