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2477D - Uncommanded OFF

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    2477D - Uncommanded OFF

    We've got many 2477D dimmer switches, installed roughly three years ago, and a 2245-222 Hub. Recently two of the lights have started going off, uncommanded. I've tried rebooting the Hub. I've run with the Hub unpowered. I've charged and reset the two Mini Remotes that are also used. But the uncommanded lights off behaviour continues.

    We haven't added any new electronics or appliances since before the issues started, and I have not been able to correlate the issues to anything yet.

    Is this behaviour a known failure mode? One of the sets of lights in question is often run dimmed, and the electrical box which contains the controlling switch is quite tightly packed. Could this lead to the switch overheating and shutting down?

    I'm looking for advice on how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue.


    Have you ever had any resolution on this problem? I'm starting to replace a lot of my normal switches with Insteon, and haven't encountered any such issues so far.

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