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    vrf system

    Hello Insteon friends, how are you?

    We are working on a budget in a house that want to install home automation.

    The main thing is that they have a VRF air system which they also want to automate. If I can't automate the airs with Insteon, they won't confirm the budget.

    Can you think of something?

    Don't automate it then. I've found when people set conditions like that, they'll become a pain to work with.

    To answer your question directly the answer is no. To my knowledge, VRF systems are proprietary so you cant simply hook up a thermostat and control it.


      I found similar information.
      Most manufacturers use a proprietary control protocol. Each manufacturers systems are unique. So you would have to know the exact system you want and it proprietary control protocol.
      Automated controls not by the manufacturer of the system. Is probably not possible or an extremely costly interface would be needed.


        They tell me that each VRF has a panel to be contoured with IR, would it be that with sensibo I can contour it?

        And if so, can I join Instoen with Sensibo with the Isy?