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Keypadlinc with only two wires?.

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    Keypadlinc with only two wires?.


    I think I know the answer, but tho would ask anyways. I want to put a keypadlinc on each side of the bed, so we can turn on all exterior lights, or monitor the garage door, etc.

    I found out that one of the boxes, only has two wires. Would it be possible to use a dual band keypadlinc, and still function like the other one on the other side of the bed. The on and off buttons will control a light over the bed. One on each side..

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    Both would need to be wired so they both have a Line and Neutral power connection. Then cap off one of the modules Red Load wire and the other module has its Red Load wire controlling the load. Cross linking the two to each other.
    Do both control the same light now or are they controlling different loads. Some rewiring maybe needed and if the two wire one is a switch loop on a separate load. Give more details on the exact setup.


      Assuming you have an Insteon Hub, just get a cheap Alexa device (Dots are $39 these days, and the 5 inch Show is around $89 with both regularly on sale for less) and then you can just tell Alexa to turn the lights on or off or close the door to ensure it's closed. It's a lot easier. The Show will actually show the status of devices on the screen.
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