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Mini Remote Replacement 2342-2 Sync Issue

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    Mini Remote Replacement 2342-2 Sync Issue

    Hey everyone, new to the forum but excited to join the community.

    I recently bought a house that had an Insteon 6 button switch in the wall that controlled two ceiling lights. Along with this, the previous owner had a Mini Remote (2342-2). Unfortunately, my dog ate it within 6 months of moving in.

    Since then, I have bought a new mini remote on Amazon to pair to the 6 button switch and control the dimmer/lights. Upon pairing to the wall switch, the remote controls the lightswitch itself (on/off on the actual keypad get toggled) but it has no effect on the actual lights.

    What am I missing? I tried absolutely everything with the remote but can not get the lights to work with it.

    Sorry if this doesn't make sense, I can always post a video.


    You will need to link the Mini Remote to each module wired to those lights.

    Your options are different depending on the equipment involved. Are you using an iPhone or an Android to program this scene?

    If you look at the device settings for the KeypadLinc, you should be able to view the 5 or 8 scenes controlled by the keypad. Examine those scenes to see what other devices (inlinelincs, Micro Modules, ToggleLincs, or SwitchLincs) are in the scene.


      You can create scenes in the iOS (doesn't work in Android app) that will pair the mini remote to the devices and controllers. Mini remote will be a controller, device a responder, and the switch both (allows the backlight to stay in sync when on or off).