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Lights and switches flickering, switches malfunctioning

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  • Lights and switches flickering, switches malfunctioning

    Hey all, I've been using insteon switches and hubs for years. My current setup is a couple of years old, and relatively problem free. I have a mix of dimmer pads, 6 and 8 button controls, toggles, and plug-in lamp controls. Most of the lights are incandescent with a few led strips.
    Last night, the paddles and multi-button controls, and all the lights controlled by, or linked to them, started flickering. Several of the controls became unresponsive during the flickering. Unresponsive switches include those that are wired directly to fixtures.
    *I disconnected the hub, but problem persists.
    *Flickering is caused by insteon traffic: turning lights on/off, or using the app to control lights or determine if they are connected/on/off. More complex groups, and perhaps controls with more fixtures/wattage, seem to create effects that last longer.
    *have not noticed any other devices/appliances causing flickering. Nothing new has been added to the house in the last week
    *dimmers are not functioning smoothly, either stuttering or flashing a few times between off and fully on.
    *activating groups of switches on separate circuits will not necessarily cause other groups to flash, but may cause them to become unresponsive.
    *the app can sometimes control lights when the actual switches become unresponsive

    my next troubleshooting steps are:
    1) try to isolate any potentially troublesome circuits
    2) reset all switches to factory defaults and rebuild everything

    Any suggestions would be most appreciated

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    [Edit] I turned off every breaker in my house then turned them all back on again, and no more problems.


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      If it starts again. You may want to try one breaker at a time and see if you can isolate which circuit the interference is coming from.
      If you have not added or moved any electronics in the house. It is possible a device has started to deteriorate and is making interference.