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2474DWH 2 Wire Dimmer switch failure

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  • 2474DWH 2 Wire Dimmer switch failure

    I've had a couple of these fail. Yesterday another one did so. It just stopped working. I can manually turn the light on and off at the switch but there is no remote control. Using Indigo 7.2 I tried to sync the device and it failed to communicate. Anyone else having these kind of problems with this dimmer switch. I have RF units throughout the house so I don't think the signal is the problem. Is there a fix for this? Thanks!

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    Make sure you are using it with an email incandescent load over 25 watts. Other bulb technologies either won’t pass enough current while the switch is off to power the switch, or may create enough electronic noise to interfere with radio communications.


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      Its an incandescent bulb of at least 60 watts. When using Indigo define and sync I'm getting Failed to Communicate with device. Personally I think the switch has gone bad; this has happened before. Not thrilled at having to replace these so often. At $50 a pop this gets expensive.


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        If less than two years old. Call Technical Support and use the two year warranty to get replacements.


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          Issue resolved for the time being. Contacted Insteon Tech Support. Here's their response:

          Please follow the instruction below to factory reset the two wire dimmer switch.

          1. Pull the set button out by using a flat headed screw driver the unit will power off.
          2. Wait for 10 seconds and then press and hold the set button in until the unit emits a long beep.
          3.Once the beep stops let go of the set button and try to sync using the indigo software.

          While there was no beep on reset I was able to Define and Sync via Indigo. Was able to resolve the same issue on another switch as well. Happy camper here (for now).