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mini remote battery replacement

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  • mini remote battery replacement

    our mini remote is no longer holding a charge for more than a week. can the rechargeable battery be replaced? and, if so, how? tia!!!

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    No. The full manual says not replaceable.

    Also the FCC Database information for the Mini Remotes. The battery assembly, battery and a small PC Board with wires, are soldered to the PC Board.
    I looked at mine again. The case has four snaps between the top and bottom covers with a small amount of glue fastening them. They seem to be quite stiff but maybe the case could be separated. If you didn't break off a tab.
    You would still have to find the proper battery and then fasten the small interface board on it to the new battery. If you could find one.
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      If you are within two years of purchase you could get that exchanged.


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        For what it is worth, the battery in the Mini Remote is accessible and looks like it can be replaced fairly easily. The LIPO (3.7v) battery has a capacity of 300mAh and measures 3mm tall, 25mm wide and 45mm long. For search and id purposes these dimensions are typically denoted as "302545" Clearances within the mini are fairly tight so I'm not sure how much variance from these measurements is tolerable.

        The case has 4 snaps that are glued. I was able to free them up with a screwdriver blade at the tip of the tab. By wiggling the blade carefully I was able to loosen the snaps without breaking them. Perhaps I was just lucky. When the case separates there is a small plastic piece that will come loose. It is the slider for the on/off switch. The antenna disk is glued to the bottom of the case and is connected to the PC board which itself separates easily from the top of the case. The top of the case loosely houses the plastic keypad paddles.

        The battery itself is glued to the PC board via 3 small strategically placed sticky pads. They can be pried off the board with steady pressure between the battery and the board. Use a wooden pry to accomplish this so as not to damage the board or puncture the battery. The battery leads are soldered to the top of the PC board surface mount style. The leads do not extend through the board.

        Unlike BLH I did not find a second small PC board separate from the battery. It was single assembly. I think that there may be a tiny circuit board as part of this assembly, I'm not sure. I could only fine one supplier for these batteries on AliExpress and that battery obviously has a small PC board as part of it. I assume that is a charging or protection circuit of some sort.

        Having said all that I didn't actually end up replacing the battery since the mini remote had bigger problems that could not be fixed by me. I am, however, considering attaching a much larger capacity battery to the outside of a working remote for use within a wall mount. The small OEM batteries need to be charged way too often to be practical as a wall mounted switch.


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          I looked at the FCC photos. The small board looks like the safety assembly and is part of the battery assembly. My description was not too clear.
          Thanks for verifying it maybe possible. If one is real careful in disassembly and battery handling.