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How Do I SEE the schedules that are set?

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  • How Do I SEE the schedules that are set?

    Hi - I've been using for years, but recently moved to a new home so I'm expanding my uses and skills.

    I have some lighting control devices set up and working, but I don't understand how I can review the schedules that are set. If, for example, for an operating device, if I go to EDIT/DEVICES, that comes up with schedule DISABLED and the previously set ON/OFF times blank.

    Is there another way to just SEE the schedule for a device without getting into EDIT mode? If not, I'll go suggest that for a desired change.

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    Using my iPad and the Insteon for Hub app, I tap the hamburger icon, Settings, Schedules to see all device and scene schedules in one place.


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      Wow, total brain spasm on my part - I did not see that. Thanks TFitz!!!


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        Wow...I've been using this app and even developing against the hub API for years, and I've never noticed that before.