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Controlling a receptacle wirelessly through Hub

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  • Controlling a receptacle wirelessly through Hub

    I have a 2477s switch, a 2663-222 receptacle, and a 2245-222 hub.
    I have a low amp blower in a second story attic, and would like to control it via a switch on the first floor. The plug and switch are not wired together. There is no load wire at the switch location so I just capped off the red wire. I have it all connected and can operate them independently from my phone, but cannot get the switch to operate the blower. Do you possibly have an easy solution, or do I not have the correct Items to communicate wirelessly? Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    You can either create a scene in the insteon add and make the switch a controller of the controller for the fan or manually link the switch and fan.

    press and hold the set button on the switch for 5 seconds then press and hold the set button on the fan controller for 5 seconds.


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      You missed a step in the manual linking procedure. You’d need to turn the outlet on before linking, otherwise you are programming it to turn OFF in response to both an on or off paddle push!