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  • Switchlink dimmer & LED Lamps

    Hoping to save someone else a big headache:

    I have used 2477Ds to control Lithuania Lighting WF series lights successful in the past but the latest batch in not compatible. Had to pull 7 installed lights out.

    Replaced fixtures with AspectLED 4.75" Ultra-Thin LED Recessed Light - 6 Watt (45 Watt Equivalent) after successfully bench testing one. One connected, dims fine, 7 connected does not dim at all. Off - Full on - nothing in between.

    Neither fixture manufacturer of Insteon was able to provide any help.

    For a while the compatibility issues seemed to be improving but I've hit a few stumbling blocks lately. It would be great to get an updated list of compatible devices going. Working for free is getting old & having to bench test every light on every install is just not practical.

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    I just ran into a similar albeit slightly different problem with FEIT 17.5 W (100 W replacement) dimmable "enhance" LED light bulbs purchased from Costco. If controlled directly through a 2457D2 LampLinc Dimmer, the LampLinc Dimmer will switch back on by itself (or, presumably, due to some feedback from the LED bulb) within a couple seconds of switching it off.

    This is a consistent problem, not intermittent.

    It's not yet clear whether the (apparent feedback) problem will occur when the LED bulbs are not connected directly to the LampLinc Dimmer.

    Does anyone know whether this problem is encountered with other brands or models of LED bulbs?


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      This is not a behavior you will see with a lot of other LED loads on the market. This is triggering on because of a load sense capability the dimmers have. Likely a capacitor and other componentry in the circuitry causing the loads sense to trigger. This is a similar behavior of turning the load off and it still shows the load as faintly dim.


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        Steve, thank you. That is good to know. Your explanation raises another question for me: if I use a simple on-off lamp link switch, rather than a Dimmer, should the problem go away?


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          Yes, likely


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            Steve, a follow-up and a related question.

            First, I have purchased and successfully used Great Eagle dimmable LED bulbs (from Amazon) with Insteon 3 wire switches. They dim well and work fine with on and off as well, with no feedback.

            I now note that the Insteon 2 wire dimmable switches state that they should not be used with LED bulbs of any kind, dimmable or not. Do you know what the issue is there?


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              Insteon 2-wire switches leach a slight amount of power as a series load between the supply and the light bulb. With incandescent bulbs the leaching does not cause any noticeable effects. With LED’s the loads might always be on at a faint dim level even when the switch is off or they might flicker.

              Other manufactures have this power leaching process buiktint into there non neutral products with the same non LED specs