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Switch gets out of sync / switch won't communicate

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  • Switch gets out of sync / switch won't communicate

    I've had Insteon in my home for over six years now. I don't use it for fancy scene-setting, I use it in a basic fashion to control remote lighting on my property from the main house and from our mobile devices. Most of it works a treat. I have two nagging issues that I can't seem to solve.

    Issue #1 is with an 8-button controller. If I turn a light on or off at this controller, the button lights up or goes out, as it should. If I turn that same light on from another controller, the button on the first controller doesn't light up. If I turn a light off from another controller that I turned on at the first controller, the first controller's button doesn't go out.

    If I go back to the first controller when its button light doesn't match the fixture state and press the button, the button light turns to the proper state, without changing the fixture. If I then press it again, the fixture and the button light both turn on or off properly in sync.

    I have several multi-button controllers on the property, and I'm reasonably confident that this one unit is the only one that exhibits this problem.

    Back when I used the PC-based HomeLinc controller tool, one was expected to enumerate every side effect of a button push, including the button lights of other controllers that had to mirror it. When I visited the screens for my current ISY 994 to see if I had left some rules out, I realized that not only didn't I have to do that on a hub, but there was no way to do that even if I wanted. I've tried using the "Restore Devices" function on the ISY, but it didn't fix the problem.

    Issue #2 is with the hub (I think). Whenever I start up the hub's admin console, I get a dialog box:

    Cannot communicate with Pool Underwater Light Switch (MAC). Please check connections.

    The "wired" switch for the pool light is outside on the other side of the pool. There is a remote button (coincidentally(?) on the problem unit from Issue #1) inside the house assigned to it. If I physically press this remote button, the pool light will respond properly just about 100% of the time. If I ask the ISY to control the pool light, or try to control it from my smartphone, the light won't respond at all, although the light on the button inside the house will respond properly. If the switch inside the house (which is NOT hard-wired to this fixture) can turn on the pool light, I don't understand why any other control on my system wouldn't be able to do the same.

    I should add that I have dual-mode devices scattered strategically around the property to optimize propagation, so I don't believe that's an issue. I can reliably control lights at the corral or outside the guest house down the hill that are ten times farther away than the back porch and pool fixtures that are showing these problems.
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    There’s a dedicated forum for the ISY that can help. They’ll likely recommend that you set up some scenes instead of using programs (that way all devices will respond at once and stay synchronized without a bunch of overlapping programs), and they can also guide you through some signal testing to ensure you have good communications between different modules. You may also be overdue for a firmware update, they can assist with that as well.

    See Http:// for all the details.