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Ramp Rates when using Google Home

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  • Ramp Rates when using Google Home

    Am I missing a setting somewhere? I have my dimmers set for a relatively slow ramp up, and all works well (although it would be nice if ramp on and off ramp rates could be individually set). However; when using Google Home to turn on a switch the ramp rate is totally ignored and lights come on instantly. Is there an out of the box way to fix this?

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    Google home will turn on/off your devices based off how they are set in your hub. Are you controlling your switches individually with google or a scene that they are part of? If individual switch make sure it's set at the ramp rate you want. The same for the scene. Whicheverare controlling, make sure that the hub reflects the same ramp rate that you are using.


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      From the HUB I have Ramp Rate set to 5 seconds and on level to 25%. From the switch everything appears to work as expected, using the soft switch via HUB... ramp rate seems to be good, but it comes on at 100%. From Google Home it comes on instant at 100%.