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Smart thermostat for tankless water heater?

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  • Smart thermostat for tankless water heater?

    My tankless water heater is becoming the reason for high gas bills. I am much worried about this issue. A few days ago, my colleague suggested me to install a smart thermostat to overcome the bill. Do you think instalment of the smart thermostat is the solution or should I prefer to change my tankless water heater? I am also looking for tankless water heater reviews from here Few of friends are also suggesting to go with an electric tankless water heater.

    I am much tensed so please come with the right solution.
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    Tankless water heaters generally aren't worse than a standard tanked heater - usually in fact they're slightly better. Sure, going electric will reduce your gas bill, but electric water heaters are horribly expensive to run as well, as per unit energy gas is almost always cheaper (at least in the US).

    A smart thermostat, or even a normal programmable one, can reduce energy significantly by turning down the heat when you don't need it to run. Also it's a heck of a lot cheaper than a whole water heater replacement.


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      First of all, what makes you think that your current tankless water heater is contributing to rising utility bills? Unless you are using more water, it shouldn't be going up. Secondly, with what are you proposing to replace it? The benefit to tankless is that they use no energy until you run the water. As opposed to a tank heater, which must keep the water warm all the time, whether or not you are actually using any. Jec6613 suggestion to use a programmable thermostat makes no sense, as the water heater is only for water, not heating the house. At least I've never heard of a tankless water heater being used for radiant heat.