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2441ZTH with RTD 100 probe

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  • 2441ZTH with RTD 100 probe

    I have a RTD100 probe inserted in my SPA plumbing for monitoring the temperature and until recently controlled the spa heater using a Automation Direct PM24 controller. The reason for this was the old spa heater had an analog thermostat and was difficult to fine tune. Now I have a new spa heater that has a digital thermostat on board and I no longer need the RTD100 probe for controlling the spa.

    It would be excellent if I could use the RTD100 probe (3 wire) connected to the external input of the 2441ZTH. Then I am assuming my Android app would recognize the 2441ZTH and display the temperature on my phone. Is this possible?


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    Unless something has changed recently.
    The External Probe only reads on the 2441ZTH's Screen. The temperature is not sent to other devices.
    Over on the UDI Forums there was a thread where the user disconnected the internal probe element and connected an external one where the internal one was.
    You would also have to verify the resistance of the probe being the same as the one Smarthome sold. To display the correct temperature.


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      Well darn! I was hoping it would be that simple and only have to use one app. Thank you.