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Sonos for Audio Alerts

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    Sonos for Audio Alerts

    I have researched options for adding audio alerts to my Insteon home automation system and concluded that Sonos is the best option. The most functionality is Sonos paired with the SmartThings hub. I would prefer not adding another hub to my system but the Insteon option for Sonos seems limited and I cannot find any documentation that describes the functionality available. If anyone has experience with the Insteon/Sonos integration please comment. Here is a video that describes the Sonos functionality available via the SmartThings App. Most valuable to me is the built in alert/alarm option.
    Insteon Hub II (2014) Model:2245-222
    20 Insteon Modules
    Outdoor HD Camera 2864-232
    HD Camera 2864-22X
    SD Camera 75790
    iPhone 7
    Apple Watch

    Thanks for sharing.