I have several Sonos devices...Play1, Play3, Play5's, Connects, Connect Amp, sub, playbar. The iOS Insteon App sees all of these devices. A couple months ago, I was able to add a Play 3 as an Insteon device, then create scenes for Play/Pause, Skip, Volume Up, Volume Down. This all works great on a 6 button keypad. Well, except for Play/Pause button, it will only Play but not Pause (but that is for another topic).

This past weekend, I tried adding other Sonos speakers to Insteon. The App finds all of the devices, but when I try to add, I get this message - Setup Error - Something went wrong while setting up your Sonos Player.

No other info. This same error happens when I try to add any of my other Sonos speakers, its not specific to any one device. I have rebooted all speakers, Insteon Hub, router. My Sonos speakers have static IP's through router DHCP reservations. The Play 3 that I previously added still works fine.

Any suggestions or insight would be appreciated.