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Insteon integration - Sonos track next / previous bug

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  • Insteon integration - Sonos track next / previous bug

    I have integrated my sonos systems with insteon. After upgrading the hub firmware and finding an IOS device to do the programming I am fairly happy with the minimal operation (it has lots to be improved) but my main problem (or bug) I discovered has to deal with Track skip forward or previous. I am using 8 button keypads to control all supported by functions and basically what's happening is every time a press the track next it actually skips 2 track on the sonos. I did some testing and found that when using the insteon IOS app to triger a track next scene it works fine. So I figured it must have something to do with the 8 button keypad. I deleted all database links and factor reset the keypad to default, re added to the hub, setup a new scene with the exact same problem. I tried with another 8 button keypad with the same results. I decided maybe it had something to do with the V2 play 5 I was testing with so I decided to test more with a Play 1 (that Insteon claim's is fully supported) this setup had the same bug. For every single button key press on the 8 button keypad would skip the sonos playing tracks by 2. Also tried with a 8 button wireless keypad. Same issue.

    Has anyone else experienced this bug? With all the testing I have done I am almost certain I have eliminated ever possibility. I even used HomeSeer and my USB powerLink modem to set the opp flags and even tweak with the triggers button modes from toggle to Non-Toggle off or Non-Toggle On but I run into the same issues every time.
    I have a sneaky suspicion that the volume is also incrementing by 2 steps as well but I can't exactly confirm this and it's not a big issue if it is. But skipping every second track is a major problem.

    Sorry for the long post, hoping to find a solution or at least others with the same bug so I know it's not just me.