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redlight then green light onhub? then stays red?

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  • redlight then green light onhub? then stays red?

    Hello, Insteon sent me a email telling me and all that they were doing something to the software. Ever since this download my hub light starts going from green to red then to red again and stays red??? I have unplugged the hub but no difference.I have Alexa hooked upto my insteon system and when I ask Alexa to do something like "ALexa turn on Kitchen Lights" she does but then she responds "Kitchen lights are not responding"??? Mean while the lights"did" turn on??? Like I said this has ONLY happened since the software download that insteon did? Anyone having the same issues or if anyone can help it would be much appreciated Thanks Mike

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    It is most likely the same issue many of us had, and posted last week, just in a different form.
    My hub, only 1 week old at the time stayed red for a day , may have turned green for a second or so but mostly solid red.
    All my devices worked though using the phone app.Would not have known there was a problem if I had not looked at the hub.Last night it turned red for a minute and then green again.Something they are doing or in the newest software


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        This will fix itself. If it doesn't you will have to contact insteon.


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          See release notes of the last update. They mention that they expect the LED to change colors so it sounds like the Hub might be doing some of its own processing causing the odd LED behavior.


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            Thank you everyone for your input and help. Yes I called Insteonand they said it was an issue on there end after we all took the firmware update this problem started to happen to many but not all? Funny thing is they told me to ignor it and wait for another firmware update coming out soon? They also told me that the red light being on means nothing right now. I believe this because when my hub turns red I am still able to control it (sometimes not always) with the alexa app or insteon app.
            I am however finding that the alexa app controls my insteon devices "better" than the insteon app. Sometimes opening the insteon app on my iphone 7 takes forever or freezes up etc... With the alexa app it is much quicker
            Anyway guess we will have to wait what is instore with the new updates Thanks to everyones help Mike